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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wordworking: Y is for Your vs. You're

I have been waiting all month to share this e-card with you. My apologies if you're offended. It makes me giggle.

For the record:
Your = possessive pronoun
You're = contraction for you are
Your're (yes, I've seen this variety) is never correct.

When I was dating Stan, I invited him to Preference (it's a girls' choice dance). In answer, he made me something like this*:

And I still married him. Even when my English major roommate forbade me to see him ever again. Believe me, Stan knows the difference now. Not only that, but he's a published author of one boring dissertation and a non-fiction book for military families out this fall. Now he corrects my grammar.

What words do you routinely mess up? A to Zers, we're almost done!

* note recreated using Ransom Note Generator.


  1. Yes, yes, yes... this bothers me even tho I do it while texting. Love the love letter from "you re" man!

  2. Your husband's sweet. Loved the quote at the top of the post.

  3. Excellent quote, also thought the post was first class.


  4. Yeah I have heard this is one of the big edits editors have to make along with its it's. I think part of it is these are written so much your mind fills in blank s and it does't even register. That is why it is so good to have people read your manuscripts they see the stuff you miss.

  5. I think most people know the difference if they think about it, but when you're typing you tend to write without thinking and it can just slip through. Still embarrassing when it happens though.

    Moody Writing

  6. This is the ultimate grammer faux pas, isn't it? And I love the e-card, haha.

  7. I don't get offended easily, I'm usually the one doing the offending, lol. (Unintentionally of course)

    I make so many mistakes I don't even know where to start. I'm lucky my CPs still speak to me. :)