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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wordworking: H is for Hyphens, Hogwarts, and Liesl Shurtliff

Happy Book Birthday, RUMP!!!

I met Liesl at my first writing conference (WIFYR) back in 201l. I've blogged about her here. RUMP is a MG retelling that is funny, sweet, and perfect for my third grader (and for me).

She was nice enough to guest blog about hyphens and share the amazing Hogwarts gingerbread house she made last Christmas.

Take it away, Liesl.

H is for Hyphen, a lovely punctuation mark that can be used to bring words together, or to break words apart, as the case may be. It can be glue or a knife. What a magical tool! 
Use a hyphen to join two words serving as a single adjective before a noun: J.K. Rowling is a well-known author.
However, if it comes after the noun, you don’t use the hyphen: Liesl Shurtliff is an author who is not well known. (Yet.)
A hyphen is used in compound numbers: My publisher gave me twenty-five copies of my book.
Use a hyphen to clarify confusion: Re-sign the publishing contract. Don’t resign your day job.  
Use hyphens with prefixes: The ex-editor booked an all-inclusive vacation.  

Liesl's amazing Hogwarts gingerbread creation
Thanks for including me in your A to Z challenge and featuring me on my release day! I really appreciate it. 

Isn't she great guys? Thanks Liesl for taking the time to be on my blog. I can't wait until my copy arrives this afternoon! 

Where you can find Rump: indie, amazon, and B & N

Are you doing the A to Z challenge? Let me know and I'll come check it out. 


  1. That's an amazing Hogwarts! :) And I wouldn't to immediately resign a publishing contract either. Great post!

  2. Visiting from A2Z. I constantly over-use the dash - sometimes even confusing it for a hyphen - often in place of a semi-colon. Enjoyed your post - and as someone whose only attempt at a gingerbread house was condemned by the sanitation department - I am in awe of the patience and skill that created that Hogwarts. ;-)

  3. Love the gingerbread Hogwarts! Hypens are one of those tricky things I find. I often get it wrong!

  4. Great tips and love the Hogwarts house!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  5. Thanks for sharing on how to use hyphens. Sometimes I get confused. And I was lucky enough to read an ARC of RUMP. It is a fantastic, unique version of this fairytale that I really recommend.

  6. I've heard really good things about Rump, can't wait to read it!

  7. Whoah! Amazing ginger bread Hogwarts. Hope my kids don't see that and ask me to try and duplicate it, lol.

    Rump sounds great. I love fairy tales!

  8. Congrats to Liesl, and how fun that she guest-posted your letter H!

  9. I've always wanted to make some big gingerbread thing like that, but, when it comes to it, it always seems more trouble than it will actually be worth.

  10. Thank you Robin! And even though Gingerbread Hogwarts was super fun, I don't necessarily recommend it to anyone. I think it took me longer to make that thing than it did to write my first draft of RUMP! Insane.

    1. Thanks again for doing this post:) And I believe you on it taking longer make Hogwarts than to draft RUMP. I have failed at enough gingerbread houses to accept that it isn't my thing. We buy the Michael's kits and hot glue them together. *hangs head*

  11. That is one heck of an amazing gingerbread house! I'm not surprised it took so long to make. Congrats to Liesl on RUMP!

  12. Gotta love those hyphens! ;) Congratulations to Liesl!

  13. I have never wanted to be miniature until I saw this gingerbread house. Amazeballs!