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My Projects

YA Contemporary Magical Realism 76k
One sentence longline: Sera hears voices every time she locks lips. She must convince the one silent kiss to be her test subject before she swears off guys forever.

First sentence: The first time I met Jeremy Davies he didn't break my heart, but he broke my ribs, and that was close enough.

Status: Querying

Gutter Girl
YA Contemporary 68k
Bowling failure, Jules, seeks to overcome her nickname by getting an elusive scholarship out of town, but standing in her way is sexy, physics whiz, Nate.

Status: Revising

YA Contemporary Magical Realism 68K

1 sentence logline: For seventeen-year-old Rae and her unusual gift of “lovesense,” love stinks...literally--that is, until she smells her own match in an unidentified baby picture.

Logline: Seventeen-year-old Rae can look at a photo of a couple and tell when their relationship will sour like stink on cheese - making 'reading love' a lucrative side business at school.When she finds a baby picture of her match, she has to find him, navigate high school, and stay under the principal's radar; all before her arch enemy can out her.

Notes: My 2011 NaNo written during the 1st month of baby #4's life. Yes, I'm that crazy.
Also, I didn't know the catagory of Magical Realism Existed until I'd completed my first draft and asked my CP's where it fit.

Status: Shiny
Query here

Life is a Tongue Twister 
MG Contemporary 48K

Logline: When eleven-year-old, stuttering Ruby's mom goes back to work Ruby has to learn to find her own voice. 
Status: Revising

The Golden Wood
YA Fantasy 65K

Logline: In this retelling of Beauty and the Beast Mara must not only save her family, but also her coutry from the danger lurking inside Golden Wood.

Status: Shelved for the time being

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