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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gone Flying, Must Bring Books

As I pack my family for another trip across the country, I can't help but think of the road trips I took each summer growing up. We'd head either out West to see our extended family or up the East Coast on camping adventures. And along the way Mom or one of my older siblings would read to us. Lots of Roald Dahl (isn't he wonderful?). I distinctly remember my mom reading Danny the Champion of the World and being so engrossed in the story that the car trip flew by as I was busy poaching pheasants and out smarting the town's nasty rich guy, what was his name? What a dream to live in a caravan with a father whose eyes smiled.

Tomorrow we'll be traveling by plane, 3 of them, in fact, and although I'm making sure we have enough underwear and matching shoes, I'm also packing my suitcase full of books (in addition to my Kindle). Big Nate and Pendragon for my 8-year-old, Fancy Nancy and Little Bear for my 6-year-old, the Berenstain Bears and Dora for my 4-year-old, and the Mercy Thompson Series for myself.  (Yes, I'm a little concerned about how the in-laws are going to feel about those darn covers.)

In some ways I wish my children could have the experience I did travelling together in a full-size van, laying across the seats or hanging out in a nest of pillows created on the bed in the back listening as I read like my older sister did, with accents and saying "chap--i-ter." . . .

But then I'd have to spend 6 days confined in a minivan. (Yikes!)

If you look up tomorrow and see a plane flying east, give it a wave. It might be me.

 I'll be loading up my Kindle for the trip home and I could always use a recommendation. What books do you take when you travel?

Monday, April 16, 2012

A to Z Blogfest

While I wasn't brave enough to commit to posting 26 times in the month of April, I've been having a great to virtually meeting some new to me bloggers. I've done my share of bloghopping, but these three I check daily-

Cassie Mae-A to Z on her fears. Oh my awesomeness. Don't try to eat or drink while reading these posts. My favorites, My Mouth Needs a Filter, Jell-O (because I too worried about those kids in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), Getting Shot in a Public Restroom.

Kate Scott  -I gobble books whole and am always looking for recommendations. She's doing her top 5 favorite books in a particular catagory. I've been adding to my TBR list and got 3 of her boy recommendations yesterday. For me it's fun just to see what category she can come up with--and to know she has to do it 26 x 5 times. That's a whopping 130 books! (she just might be able to keep me busy through the month of May)

Ilima-Okay, she's not new to me, we're CP's, but I devour her posts like I do Kate's book recommendations. Friday she did Loglines, so wrote 2 of my own. They're awful, but now at least I have one (well 2, but you know what I mean).

In all their first draft stench:

My WIP: When eleven-year-old Ruby realizes her parents have been lying to her all her life she becomes convinced she's adopted and begins a search for her biological parents.

Lovesense: When Rae, who reads love in photos as a side business at school, finds a picture of her soulmate, she has to find him, navigate high school, and stay under the principal's radar; all before her arch enemy can out her.

What A to Z blogs have you been following? Favorites? Advise for my loglines?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting My Book Taken Away

I was a really good student in 5th grade-smart, but also into sports. I sat in Mr. Perguson's second row. He was the overweight teacher that turned away from the class and sneezed towards the chalkboard to cover up his flatulance.  I never got in trouble until one day during silent reading.  This is the book I was reading:
See them walking on the beach in nightgowns? Does this look risque to you? It sure did to Mr Perguson.  He took my book away and asked me where I have gotten it.
"My mother," I replied.
He harrumphed and told me he'd be keeping it for a while and that he would be calling my mother after school.
As the daughter of a daughter of a high school principle I knew that if I got in trouble at school, I would be in trouble at home. My parents supported our teachers as much as they could. So I sweated it a little, but mainly hoped that my mom would just think it was funny. After all, this was Katherine Paterson, the author of Bridge of Terabithia and The Trumpeter of Krakow. And this one was the Newberry Medal winner in 1981. 

I went home and told me mom what had happened. Better she heard it from me first, right? She did laugh, just like I was hoping. Later that evening she talked to Mr. Perguson on the phone, but she did not share the conversation with me.
The next morning before class started he came to my desk and returned my book saying he had read it the previous night and it was okay for me to read.
No kidding, I thought, my mom is the one who gave it to me.
He didn't question my reading for the rest of the year. The flatulence I'm afraid though, didn't go away. If only I'd been a few rows further back . . .

Have you ever had a book taken away? What book and why?