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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do You Have to Pee?

"Do you have to pee?" A lady at the grocery store asked me last month.
I was overtired, confused, and waiting for her to get out of my way so I could get to the milk.
Out of my mouth came, "No, I don't. In fact, I haven't had to pee all day."
 The lady looked at me like I was insane and pushed her shopping cart out of the way, giving me access to the milk.

That's when my brain caught up to my mouth I realized what I'd said. And that I was bouncing up and down like my 4 year-old does when she has to pee.

It took me a while longer to realize why I was bouncing when standing in place (and rocking side to side when I'm seated.) I HAVE A NEWBORN and these are soothing actions. I do them whether baby is in my arms or not. Hopefully this will be a little tick that I'll get rid of along with the inability to shower daily or change my clothes.

One month later as I thought of the generous blogger awards I'd been given I decided that as I tell you a little bit more about myself I'd give you a character sketch with some of my now conscious ticks and a little bit of random thrown in the mix.

 Cassie Mae of Reading Writing and Loving It and Caitlyn Byers of Random Thoughts from Caitlynville gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks ladies! So here are 7 facts about me.

1. As mentioned I no longer have to capacity to sit or stand still even if baby JT is not attached to me.

2. If I'm getting uncomfortable in a conversation (or bored) I fiddle with the necklace I wear every day. It's the Hebrew symbol chai. It represents life and luck and is a constant reminder of my study abroad at BYU's Jerusalem Center Winter of 1999.
2.5When doing yoga, particularly down dog, I put my necklace in my mouth so it doesn't hit my teeth or nose as I do my pop backs or pop ups.

3. I have Norton's Toe (now don't get all excited thinking I have some fungal problem that Dermisil can't cure.) It means that my 2nd toe is longer than my big toe.
 For the entirety of my sophomore year in HS I realized how imperfect my feet were and refused to wear open-toed shoes, but I got over it and am now an open toe girl. So far the only definite is I can't wear these toes shoes that I spent forever coveting.

4. When I'm nervous or trying to psych myself up to do something I crack my knuckles and then instantly worry that I'll get arthritis and try not to pop more. But, if I start popping my knuckles I have to pop all the rest of them before the need to crack them goes away.

5. I can't sneeze just once. It's at least a double. And if I have a cold, sometimes I'll sneeze 4 times in a row. Side note: my grandmother, upon finding out that my parents were engaged, said of my mother, "But she doesn't sneeze like a lady." (i.e. delicate and and high pitched cute.) Well, I sneeze like my mother.

6. I'm left-handed, so college lecture classes were torture with their tiny desks that folded out on the right side. I was paranoid that the people sitting around me thought I was cheating off their papers.
But being left-handed has advantages. I played weak-side hitter in volleyball, first base in softball, plus I could switch and slap hit. On a double-date with the hubs pre-marriage we kicked serious trash buddy bowling (he's a righty) and to this day we can eat holding hands.

7. If the sun is up I can't go back to sleep. So, if baby JT wakes up at 4:30 am for a snack, I can't fall back to sleep. On a positive side, I write best first thing in the morning and usually wake up by 5:30 if JT hasn't done it for me (no alarm needed).

I'm awarding Andrea Teagan and JayBird and Kate Scott

Carissa Taylor (who lives in Australia where I've dreamed of going since 7th grade) gave me the  Kreativ Blogger Award. Ten Questions:

1. What is your favorite song?
2. What is your favorite dessert?  cheesecake with raspberries on top
3. What ticks you off? barking dogs and toenails in the sink
5. Which is/was your favorite pet? Until I was five we had a golden retriever named Arnie that let me rides on his back. No other pet has been as perfect.
6. Which do you prefer, black or white? Weird question. If it's a wet t-shirt contest I'd pick black. (not that I'd enter a wet t-shirt contest in the first place)
7.What is your biggest fear? That I'm not good enough
8. What is your attitude mostly? I'm a glass half full kind of gal
9.What is perfection? Sunday afternoon naps
10. What is your guilty pleasure? reading

I'm awarding Erin Shakespear and Jaye Robin Brown

What are your unconscious ticks? What about your current MC?


  1. Hey! I was in Jerusalem in Winter 1998! That's so cool.

    Also, my mom cannot sneeze once in a row either. We used to tease her about it all the time, but I think it's really cute. :)

    1. I had no idea you went to Jerusalem! We'll have to swap stories one of these days.

  2. Robin, you are amazing. I totally get the knuckle thing, but who puts their toenails in the sink? Ew. :) Sunday naps are the best! You and your husband being able to eat while holding hands is so adorable, I may steal that for a book. :) Also, YOU ARE SOOO GOOD ENOUGH! Trust me. Love you, Robin.

    1. Thanks Ilima! Your confidence in me means a ton. And the toenails in the sink-unfortunately that's my handsome handholding hubs. Although I'm mostly cured him of the habit:)

    2. I just wash them down the sink now. You don't have to bend over if you put your foot up;) The barking dog is also my fault, sorry.

  3. I still can't get over that lady in the grocery store. How totally rude! It's awesome that you write best in the morning. I'm a total morning person, too. But one thing I've discovered is that, while I have no problem getting up in the morning, I can't write in the morning.

    What's wrong with me?

    1. Nothing, dear Emily, is wrong with AMAZING you. I wish I could write at night-but my brain is wasted by then and all I want is sleep and more sleep.

      And unlike all those nice people in N. CA, we have some less than pleasant characters in 29. I try not to be one of them:)

  4. Thaks for the award, and I love your "do you have to pee" story.

  5. Your pee story really cracks me up but I'm flabbergasted someone would ask you that in public! So strange. Anyway, I loved reading about you and am so glad I came across your blog.

    How cool that you got to go to the BYU Jerusalem center. I had a couple of friends go before it was shut down for a while and they had such a wonderful time.

    1. Leslie, so glad you found my blog! Thanks for following. And yeah, I can't imagine asking that of anyone over the age of five. Some people don't have filters.

  6. First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for sending this award my way! I really appreciate it Robin.

    Although its been years since I had a newborn, I STILL rock back and forth while waiting on line in a store! And, because I had three kids in three years, I do the pee pee dance way more than my kids ever do, LOL

    Thanks again!

    1. hehe-thanks for making me laugh. Glad to know I'm not the only mom "rocking" constantly!

      and 3 kids in 3 years, I am impressed. Kegels, I swear by them.

  7. I still do the baby bounce when I'm talking to people who are holding a baby. Haha.

    Hmmm, now I know your secret with the necklace and I'm mentally recalling all the times you fiddled with it while talking to me. ;-) And regarding #3, I've told you before, that's a sign of wisdom in India, so OWN IT, girl!!

    Lastly, you are totally good enough! You are superb! Love you, Robin!!!

    1. Must move to India. My MIL says it means I'm bossy! Thanks for the love! I wouldn't be here without you.

  8. Woo hoo!! Thank you!! That was also a funny story BTW :)

  9. How weird that a random woman asked if you had to pee. I'm not sure what I would have said in that situation...

    Congrats on your awards! I also write best first thing in the morning. I love a quiet house. :)

    Thanks for the follow. :)

  10. Finally got my answers up!

  11. Oh my goodness, the pee story is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! Who asks a grown woman if she has to pee, anyway?