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Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy CP News and Giveaway Winner

First a shout out for my CP Kathryn Purdie now agented by Weronika Jankzuk, the first agent she pitched to. This girl didn't have to send out a single query-though she wrote a darn good one. If you haven't already go over and give her a HUGE congratulations. She shares her experience HERE. If you're wondering if conferences are worth it-she'll answer with a resounding yes. If you  want to learn more aobut her amazing MS, here is the song she composed for her MC.

As some of you know I had my first giveaway last week. Thanks to all who entered. I think I'll wait until I have 100 followers to do my next one:) The winner was choosen by my highly scientific-write initials and numbers for each entry on strips of paper and let my 6-year-old pick.

Drum Roll Please:

The winner of Tim Wynn-Jones YA thriller, Blink and Caution, is Ilima Todd!! Look for an email from me and a package soon.

I'm leaving you with a video of WIFYR (there's still time to register) starring the lovely Kathryn Purdie and me! Notice how the professional actor is totally calm in front of the camera and I'm the exact opposite. Act natural, the lady said. Yeah, like that's possible with you're pointing that lens at me.

                                            Dates are off, it's the 18th through the 22nd.

BTW: I've been given 3 blogger awards over the past two weeks. If you'd like to be nominated in my next post let me know.


  1. Yay! Congrats on your blogger awards. And I can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!

  2. Dang, we're cute together! Look at that awesome pic from our Wymount apartment days. :-)

    Thanks for such a lovely post, Robin. You're the best!

    (And don't credit my "fine acting skills" for being natural on camera at WIFYR. Honestly, I completely forget they were filming; I was so absorbed in listening to my critiques from the class. I would have definitely been more "camera self aware" had it been anyone else's critique. :-))

    Last of all, I wanted to say...

    I GET TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice to meet a new book blogger :) great blog you have going.

  4. Yay to Katie! So excited for her. I will try to come back when I'm not at work and see the video. Lame firewalls.

  5. That is so great! Congrats to Katie! I'm off to check out her blog....