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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I think I'll become a soaps writer

When I was younger as a family we'd do this church pageant every summer. I always had more fun being the wicked people jeering and booing as opposed to the righteous ones who stood there smiling and cheery. And besides, the bad guys had cooler costumes with rich vibrant colors and fancy head dresses. Acting wicked is jolly fun.

Now I'm realizing that soap opera writers have jolly fun on a daily basis. They get to kill off the same characters over and over, bring them back some impossible way and then do it all over again.

Why am I talking about this you ask? Well, I did that in my rough draft. I killed off my bad guy twice and since I followed a strict NO GOING BACK policy it's not until today as I'm revising that I'm taking the first one out.
And it's painful.
I loved killing my character this way. It was thrilling to envision, to write, to revel in the satisfaction of bad guy getting his just deserts. And now I have to take it out. Boo. If only I was writing a soap opera I could totally make this work . . .

Also on my mind:
I can't help think of Stephen King's Misery and Annie Wilkes  making me write a satisfying enough death so I can get out of her house! Yikes. And I thought writing with kids was hard . . .