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About Me

Five Fast Facts:
1. I'm North Carolina girl, but I've lived on the West Coast (in S. California's high-desert), in the Rockies (Utah), in a Deep South of Southern Mississippi, and in Israel for one glorious college semester.

2. Growing up, my parents called me The Hibernator because I would take a book and disappear for hours reading in my bed.

3. If I get the hiccups I have them for hours--the painful, uncontrollable ones. And yes, I've tried nearly everything, but if you have suggestions for getting rid of them, I'm all hiccups, I mean ears.

4. I can walk on my knees in "lotus position" and it's nearly impossible to "crack" me on the trampoline in said position. #lotusrocks

5. I can play Chopsticks on the piano with my nose.

Official Bio:
Growing up, if Robin wasn't playing sports or romping through the woods, she was reading everything she could get her hands on. In a house with six siblings and not a lot of her own space, a book could take her to another place, to Damaria, Terabithia, Rass Island, or the land of the BFG.

When Robin’s not training for triathlons, teaching yoga, or hiking with her family, she’s devouring caramel and milk chocolate while she crafts YA and MG novels with touches of magic and plenty of fun. Robin has five children, a handsome husband, and a dog, aptly named Caramel.

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  1. I totally love your blog layout. It's so organized, easy to read and navigate through.