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Friday, November 1, 2013

What I'm Doing this Month

And my inspiration for the month:

So here I am, typing away even when I have SO much other and don't know if I will reach 50K. I might fail this year, but at least I'm trying:D

Here's how I make NaNo work:
1. Let myself write crap.
2. Set a consistent time that works for me. (for me it's 5am, but we can't all be early risers)
3. No internet until I've written 1k. (It's amazing how that ups my productivity.)
4. Do sprints (15 or 30 min., whatever floats your boat) Join a group or a sprint online (twitter is great for this.
5. Take a day off. I take off Sundays and my Mondays are usually high word count, amazing.
6. Remind myself that even if I don't reach 50K, I'm learning and growing from the process. Still, I push for 50K, even when it's hard.

I have a guest post planned, but otherwise this blog will be rather quiet this month. If you're doing NaNo be my buddy and we can cheer each other to our goals!


  1. Good luck, Robin!
    I have never been able to try this. Let's blame it on November being "parent conference" and "report card" and "my daughter's fall play" month. Why isn't National Novel Writing Month in July, for pity's sake?

    1. In the summer they have CampNaNoWriMo now, so you could check that out. I'm not sure if it's June or July, though.