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Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing Goal Week One

Daily Goal: write every day but Sunday-1000 word minimun. Can slip up 1 day/week
I wrote every day this week, but on Thursday failed to reach my goal. I eeked out 634 words before utter brainless failure.
Goal achieved.

Weekly Goal: 5000 word minimum
7,843 total.
Goal achieved.

Next Week's Goal: the same with a bonus treat (my first non-free kindle book purchase) if I can write 10,000 words


  1. Great writing day-3,303 words. I stopped there after I checked the word count. Pretty cool number to end on, don't you think? (and besides, I need sleep:)
    I only got 1,200 yesterday but spent a lot of time thinking over this next scene. It feels good to be able to get so much down. Tomorrow though Stan has drs. appt in Palm Springs, so I'll probably only make my 1,000, still, I proved to myself that I can write this much and it feels good.