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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CP Retreat

Eating at the Winery. If you look closely you can see our desserts

Picture rolling hills of green, vinyards and small farms in all directions. Speed humps on the road,wind and rain in the background, and 5 women in the same room not talking, but intent on their MS's. Some of us were busy revising-Emily a new 1st chapter, and Katie, cutting down. Taryn did  a number of impressive things all at the same time-Teen Eyes, revisions for Vickie Motter, a paper for school, and a number of fun activities with a BOY. When JT would let me I wrote the start to my new MG, worked on my query for my NaNo, and found it a title. NaNo is now LOVESENSE (thank you Emily for letting him be your kitchen helper and Ilima for holding him so I could get my eyebrows done).

JT in his St. Patrick's Day glory

It wasn't all business, but I was impressed how much time we were able to devote to writing as a group. Yummy food, beautiful walks, and eating at a Winery where Emily's MAKING STARS takes place were highlights. It was so beautiful, I had trouble remembering I was still in California. Napa Valley is so different from Twentynine Palms.

I didn't learn how to make this star, but Emily's daughter let me take one. This one reminds me of the sun and is what most impressed my family when I came home.
My super cute room


  1. Replies
    1. Um...Kate...can we adopt you into our critique group? PLEEEEEASE?

  2. "Teen Eyes, revisions for Vickie Motter, a paper for school, and a number of fun activities with a BOY"

    We all know which was the most exciting :)


    Post traumatic crit retreat disorder, as Emily calls it.

  3. I miss JoJo! And I may have stolen a star as well - except turquoise and small enough to fit in my carry-on. :) Miss you guys a ton. Suffering from PTCRD as well. :(

  4. Kate-it would have been fun hanging out with you! next time. . .
    Taryn-PTCRD-hehe, I'm definitely suffering from it.
    Ilima-Glad you took a star home.
    Miss you guys! WIFYR seems far away now.

  5. I didn't get a star. I feel jilted. I didn't get to do Robin's yoga either (but I got to hear your awesome yoga bells). BUT I did get much closer to my already close-knit CP group...AND...I deleted over 5000 words from my MS in one weekend! Miss you guys terribly...

  6. Robin,
    So glad little JT was there. He brought some excitement to our frenzy of writing. So glad you could all come and was happy to share my home with you. I guess I'll have to send a star to Katie.

  7. I've tagged you for the Lucky 7 Meme. See my blog for details!