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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Goals

Besides the fact that I'm not a guy, don't have a comb over, and don't wear glasses (at least not in public) this guy could be me, right now, committing to my writing goals and sharing them with *gasp* the 8 people that follow my blog. I'm scared, but determined to . . .

1. Clean my NaNo, The Girl Who Could See, until it Shines and has a better title 

2. Begin Querying my NaNo (Yikes!)

3. Read 10 books on craft

4. Write the MG novel I'm bouncing around in my head

5. Attend at least 1 writing conference . . .figure out how to make it work with baby 

6. Join the Online Writer's Community
      A. Read other writers blog AND comment
      B. Blog once a week twice a month
      C. Start Tweeting figure out what it's all about

7. Participate (and win) NaNoWriMo 2012


  1. NINE people. I thought I was following your blog before, but I guess not. Rectified.

    Those are good goals! But I have to forewarn you, I Tweet, but I still don't really get Twitter. Maybe someday...

  2. Thanks for following me Liesl! And for the Twitter warning. I'll know not to ask you if I have questions:)

  3. Nice goals, Robin! A realistic too. And if you figure out what Tweeting is all about, let me know. I have not caught the Twitter bug, that's for sure!

  4. I like these goals. Sound very similar to my own. And I don't really get twitter either even though I'm on there.

  5. Good goals! You're like me....ambitious :). I don't usually reach all my goals, but this year I'm determined to try. And writing conferences are awesome.

    Good luck!

  6. Hey there :) Just found your blog from your comment on Alice Beasley's blog. And I thought I'd say hi! I'm a writer here in Utah, too.

    Those sound like some awesome goals. Good luck with them this year!